Inspiring Minds. One Student at a Time

Inspired Minds is a year-round, online enrichment program aimed to strengthen and increase academic skills of students in grades 3-12.

Are your kids enrolled in traditional school or homeschooling?

Inspired Minds is the perfect program to supplement learning. 


Students gain access to a digital platform that is designed to assess their academic strengths and weaknesses and then develop a personalized, self-paced learning path that provides them with the necessary skills and tools to fill gaps or accelerate learning.

In as little as 40 intentional minutes per week, students are able to increase their skills and confidence!




A simple diagnostic identifies strengths and weakness for each student in math, reading, and/or language arts. “Meeting of the Minds” individual workshops available to review the diagnostic and learn how to support your student.


Customized Learning Paths are created with user-friendly and engaging activities that help students develop in each academic area. 1000s of worksheets and videos are also available to enhance learning.



Ongoing assessments ensures material is mastered. Weekly Challenges and Mastery Trophies keep students engaged in learning.



Take a Sneak Peak at our Digital Platform. 



  • 12 month access to  our online platform

  • Science & Coding Activities

  • Automatic Grading

  • Monthly Challenges and Giveaways

  • 1000s of worksheets & videos

  • Parent Orientation & Portal

  • Tech Support

$45- Registration Fee

$40 per year


$45-Registration Fee

$26 per quarter


$45 Registration Fee

$10 per month


This 2 hour, one-on-one workshop is perfect for parents looking for ideas and tips on how to intentionally integrate Inspired Minds with their student. We will cover the following:

  • Intentional Education

  • Are schedules necessary?

  • Hands on Learning

  • Coffee and Computers

  • and more!

You will also receive tons of downloadable tools and resources that are sure to help!

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Take a look at a few student activities

Inspired Minds

committed to supporting your student and you!